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Blue Monkfish is dedicated in helping our clients succeed in the new

digital age.With revolutionary customer center, a modern digital venture and the swiftness that makes a critical difference.

The most successful websites must be designed  for success. The websites we build are like a team of salespeople: Unwavering dedication, handles many tasks at once, but always keeps your bottom line in its focus.


If you are thinking of   website revamp, or have a discussion on how to beef up your SEO,  run a diagnostic, let's have a conversation on you moving forward and upwards. Contact us to learn more about how to optimize your site. We will run a free audit on your site to advise you accordingly.




We have great hosting packages,we have a number of offers for you to choose from. Weather or not you have your own web developer it does not matter.Let us help you protect, maintain, and perform all updates on your site freeing you up to concentrate on your business.


Digital Marketing

 We work to drive traffic to your website through these methods-

-Organic: Traffic from search engine results that is earned, not paid.

-Paid search: Traffic from search engine results that is the result of paid advertising via Google AdWords or another paid search platform

-Email: Traffic from email marketing that has been properly tagged with an email parameter

-Other: If traffic does not fit into another source or has been tagged as “Other” via a URL parameter, it will be bucketed into “Other” traffic.

-Direct: Any traffic where the referrer or source is unknown.

What We Do

Our Process

We divide up into groups using relevant info to design the best website for you. We go about this in a simple way,our team meets with you and very attentively gather all information before we put pen to paper we then formulate and build then do it all over again. We  continue to fine tune because we need to be perfect . We grind , sharpen, and personalize our efforts to achieve your very specific instructions, and we continue this process to bring you the best website that you could be proud of in your industry..

Want to make a start?

Email us  or give us a call (917) 853 -0438; We’re looking forward to hearing from you.