Digital Marketing 

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.
Bill Gates

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A Road Map To Digital Marketing

Set Goals

Design A Plan


Calculate Outcome

Research & Planning

Discover And Take Advantage of Marketing Strategies

Research and ongoing campaign planning are the foundation of our digital marketing process for ongoing clients. We integrate exhaustive market and audience research with both your short- and long-term goals and digital marketing best practices to drive revenue, brand loyalty, and customer engagement. In fact, at a certain point, we’re so involved with your marketing that we stop being the “client” and “agency” and become a single, cohesive team working towards a shared vision.

Create Customer Driven Content

Influential, Up To Date Content Targeting Customers At The Correct Time.

Content is a large part of your everyday life - Customer Driven Content is always created specifically to reach the target audience or create the right conversions. Each one of the narrative, every title as such, every detectable component  is deliberate and and constructed on recognizing the right direction for proposed content strategy, targeted messaging and and narrative recommendations. The end result sees an uptake in Page Views, Organic Traffic, Bounce Rate, Conversion Rates, Engagement Rates and overall Audience Growth.


Advertise And Promote Content 

Using Social Media to promote and advertise your Business is one of the most effective ways  to get your name and product out there. Choosing the right strategy through targeted infulencers  re-post contents  through friends and families can spread rapidly and increase your visibility. Our team of people  have built-in insights and analytic functionality that capture the following information, Follower of fan growth Optimal times for engagement Audience demographics "Likes” and reactions to your posts and content. 


For Search Engine Optimization be productive and or effective it has to be more than just optimizing for the various search engines. It is an extended process of  utilizing customize content to reach your target audience and increase your online visibility. Through this process we monitored progress, perform data collection which in turn is used by our  highly trained team to  further increase your web traffic and attract new users to further becomes further patrons of your product or services.

With an unlimited amount of websites worldwide, the competition to reach the right audience  is  great  and the chances of attracting customers to your website is very slim. Our job is to help you devise customize strategies and campaigns to overcome these hurdles,  and vastly increase your chances of reaching your targeted audience.There are no "one size fits all" plan, let us take a look and analyze  your individual business, device and customize a plan to fit your business goals that aims at improve your bottom-line and raise your online visibility.        

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

We Identify Your Audience And Choose The Right Social Media Platform.

Key Word Driven Content Focus on Targeting The Right Audience 

Custom Content And Messages Targeting The Right Audience

Promote Your Business And Product With Customize Email Campaign.

There are no arguments that today we are overwhelm with email marketing from almost any of the websites you may visit,but there absolutely no doubts of the impact of a well-conceive message can have on your customers or prospective customers. Here at Bluemonkfish our dedicated team of creative -writers, designers  along with our digital advertising team will craft a  custom message designed to promote your brand,  increase your sales and  add to your customer base. Let us tell your story, share your news and introduce new products to your audiences,start your new email campaign here with Bluemonkfish.



Determine And Evaluate


We design and strategize  our marketing plan -  tailored for your audience and prospective customers. A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that shows  how effectively your company is reaching key business goals. We will  use KPI to evaluate and track your success in reaching targets. We use all relevant top tools and apps to further track and evaluate each streams individually for a more detailed analysis for success rate and campaign investments.

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Website Maintenance

In the online world technology moves very fast,your website will become outdated let us let us take this headache off your hands so you can get back to running your business.Check out the different packages we have for you.

Web Hosting

If you are tired of your website being too slow, or your website is too large for your current hosting, then come with us and see what we have to offer.check out the different package we have for you to choose from.