The expression “brand” and logo” are often used as the same. Although the  logo can be therepresation of a company, it is not or should not be the sole representation of a brand. In reality, developing a logo is the first step towards building a durable brand . With millions, if not billions, of companies fighting to be different and be recognized, establishing a durable brand has  taken on a new meaning and has become imperative for companies to different, so as to give them an edge over their rivals .

Brand Identity

A brand identity is a set of contrivance or constituent used by  businesses  to establish a brand identity. A brand image is a consumer's recognition of the brand composed of various consortiums associated to it and recollection about connection to it. A brand identity and its components rise from a company’s assignment, brand value proposition, long-term goals, rival position on the market, and connections to the values and interests of the overall consumers. These fundamentals  have a grass root nature and, in the branding formula, depict what a business wants to put across. In the meantime, a brand identity explains how these grass root factors are acknowledged. Some of the most popular and  agreed upon components of a brand identity usually include: The name of the brand, tagline, slogan, colors and graphic styles, logo and a wordmark and their variations voice and a tone style and a typeface.

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